About Us

Newly opened in September 2013, The Knitting Garden is the vision of JoAnn Esposito, who designed it as a “ Yarn Studio”. It is dedicated to beautiful materials for knitting and crochet , instructional classes and community connection.

The store offers classes to students at every level that are facilitated by experienced and friendly instructors. A group of friendly and knowledgeable people is alwwrite my phd thesis for me public health capstone project ideasays on hand to help you in whatever way you need.

The Knitting Garden‘s assortment of yarns reveals some of the best brands in the business. New and interesting yarns, and the products that complement them, are always popping up at The Knitting Garden. The Knitting Garden is devoted to the people behind the yarn and designs, with a common passion for the artistry that goes into their creations.

You will learn a lot at The Knitting Garden and we can promise you that along the way, you will have a great time and meet some wonderful people. 

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